Commute Musings

My drive to work is a long one…around 45 miles…around an hour and a half. Have I said, “Welcome to LA”?

Anyhow, I’m not here to rant and rave about traffic, just to talk about what I was thinking about in traffic…which is…this blog…and how it basically doesn’t exist because I am lazy and never want to do anything but watch TV. So I decided, on the days where I’m lazy and feel like I have nothing to write about, I’m just going to make myself write, “Hi, I’m Sarah and today I’m lazy”

But then, in this very moment of feeling my laziness and wanting to own it, I suddenly feel an urge to do a little more…this is as I’m writing. Right now…the voices…they tell me to keep writing. I’m definitely leaning more towards I’m telling myself to but that’s neither here nor there.

Ok, now I’m uninspired and concerned this blog will become a daily conversation with myself, forcing myself to write and then potentially going on like this for a minute or two before realizing I’ve spent a great deal of time…a few minutes at least…doing a whole lot of nothing…and a little bit of typing.

Perhaps it’s best if I leave this here for today.

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