I Live for the Applause

I loved to dance when I was younger…not the lets-basically-have-sex-on-dance-floor type of dancing, to each their own, but hip hop and lyrical and choreographed dancing. Now, I’m certainly no [insert famous dancer’s name here] but I know a good thing when I have it. After a good few years of not dancing due to “lack of money” and other silly excuses, I woke up and decided I was going to YouTube that shit…and so I did.

As of this very moment in time, I am 15 seconds of a dance well learned into Lady Gaga’s Applause. Oh, exercise endorphins and doing what you love, where have you been all my life. So I thought, if I’m having such a gosh darn ball all by myself doing this, I bet it would be even more fun to learn these dances for a greater purpose. Firstly for myself, because I love to dance, but secondly, to then re-teach the dances to kids with a love for dancing who can’t conveniently find a time to make it happen.

I was thinking, what if I went to various High Schools, Middle Schools, Elementary schools and created/added to an after school program to teach kids various dances…but not for those outlandish prices schools charge. Taking dance to the masses and make exercise more fun…plus hello…dance totally relieves stress.

Anyhow, just something to think aboutt

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