Lazy Sunday (Saturday) and Guacamole

There’s nothing better than a lazy Sunday…especially when it’s on a lazy Saturday. I’ve done the Thanksgiving thing…I’ve done the Black Friday thing…and now I’m full and exhausted (and have all these new pretty things) and just want to lounge around in my Black Friday spoils sweatshirt. Oh, and make guacamole.

Ain't Got Nomani Sweatshirt

Well first off, this is my glorious sweatshirt. I played Black Friday the cool way this year. Urban Outfitters opened at midnight, and although I initially regretted it, I didn’t pop into the store until the nearly sunset hours of 8am, only to find I missed out on the crowds but not the amazing steals.

First of all, I got this sweatshirt, of which I’ve been living in for a longer period of time then I would care to admit…but there’s something about the mix of insane coziness and high fashion punny spunk that makes me never want to take it off.

As if my Saturday couldn’t get better, it seemed like the right kind of day to pop open some avocados and make fresh guacamole. With my mushing spoon at the ready, I showed three avocados, a quarter of an onion, a pepper and some garlic salt who was boss…and then I ate every last bit of it.

home made guacamole recipe

It’s things like fresh guacamole that make you have just a little more respect for the simple things in your kitchen, like a 45 second microwave quesadilla.

…and then I painted my nails! (Julep Nail Colors : Angelina / Reiko / Esmerelda )

Julep Holiday Colors

Saturday well spent.

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