Stay Rad, Abbot Kinney

You know those days that go wrong for all the right reasons? From getting to Sony Studios just in time to find out we’re too late to see The Queen Latifah Show taping, to eating salad with hair and burnt “blackened” lettuce at Primitivo (find my swimming review here), to finding out they don’t sell my juice at Intelligentsia Coffee anymore….to discovering a little Pop-Up Danish art shop called Hurra!, to drooling over my favorite velvet pieces at Flannel, to spending an amazing day walking down Abbot Kinney with my mom, to a gorgeous ride home through PCH. Yeah, it was one of those amazing kind of days.

Grilled Shrimp Salad at Primitivo: Delicious if you decide to take the shrimp and throw them back onto the charred grill where they came from.
Primitivo Caesar with grilled shrimp: Don’t let this delicious looking salad deceive you, it tastes like soggy, burnt lettuce, with a hint of watery caesar dressing. The croutons were the best part.
intelligentsia coffee
Intelligentsia Coffee: I came for the juice, but stayed for the heart in the cappuccino. I’m not a coffee drinker but my mom said this puppy kicked Starbucks’ butt on their best coffee making day.

my sweater

And now for the main attraction, my Stay Rad sweater from Urban Outfitters. I got this baby on Black Friday and it’s my pride and joy. Paired with a simple burnt orange tulle dress (similar), cheetah Unif spiked platforms and my favorite burgundy leather backpack from Florence, Italy (similar), this is one of my new favorite relaxed outfits…and my mom thinks I look like a polished hobo. 
Stay rad sweater
Stay Rad sweater

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