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Valentine’s Day Nails: Cause It’s Tomorrow And I’m On It

If there’s one thing I love almost as much as chocolate, it’ scrolling through Pinterest and staring, eyes agape, at all the awesome nail art I’m nearly incapable of doing.

Valentine's Day Nailspiration

My art skills may be equivalent to that of a four year old but my color pairing skills are more reminiscent of a seasoned stylist, born to create the next [insert color combo here] is the new black and white. I’m saying I paint my nails a wide variety of random colors on a weekly basis because I have the nail polish supply and the time.

Valentine's day nails DIY pink gold burgundy nail polish

This week, it seemed a Valentine’s theme was imminent. I’m pretty much falling in love with burgundy right now and as it is a dear cousin of red, I thought it to be a reasonable replacement. Baby pink was a must to keep my nails from giving off a vampire valentine’s vibe and then I had to use the Valentine’s inspired polish, so labeled LOVE, by Julep because I believe in giving into commercialism and also the subtle iridescent gold polish injected with hot pink specs inspires me to be a better Valentine.

I think my Valentine’s Day nails are eye catching, yet easy…jealousy inducing, yet done nearly in the dark. And that, is my kind of nail diy.

julep nail polish love gold american apparel baby pink burgundy

Here’s how it’s going to go. All of your fingers, except your middle fingers, get baby pink. I used Flamingo by American Apparel. Your middle fingers get burgundy. I used Evelyn by Julep. Then on your pointer finger and ring finger, add a layer of gold. I used the awe inducing LOVE by Julep. I hope you enjoy this HD worthy closeup, brought to you by my mom, for your viewing pleasures…and so you too can halfassedly enjoy the glory that is LOVE.

Valentine's day nails DIY pink gold burgundy nail polish

Show me the easiest, most awesome looking Valentine’s Nails you’ve created. I dare you to beat mine 😉