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Much Ado About Nothing…and College

Is anyone else getting de ja vu from reading these posts…just me? I’m the only one here? Ok! Post after post seems to rattle on about how I have nothing to say. Essentially giving that play Much Ado About Nothing a whole new, perhaps deeper meaning.

Should I talk about what I know? Do I know that much? Who knows? Not me, that’s who. I’m having a smidgen of an existential crisis right now. You know the ones…the ones where you just don’t quite know who you are, where you’re doing, what you should be doing, etc etc. Feeling a little stuck at the moment.

But, hold the phone, there’s something I’m pretty passionate about right now and it’s college…not what you think…I’m not going back (but did you ever know I went?). I’m actually rather irate about college…and high school…and the cruel competition the two have obviously banded together to conspire about in regards to these take-no-prisoners-high-school-4.6-GP-monsters High Schools are pooping out…and the colleges are happily eating up at an alarming rate. Sooooooo…we’re teaching the youth (lol I still look like the youth) that it’s more important to compete against everyone, work hard, play none, contract diabetes and obesity, and get into mother fricken Yale than it is to make friends, play outside, have spare time to learn what you love, find your passions and all of that other amazing stuff. Yupp, I can totally see where the school system is coming from. Fabulous trade off.

Till we meet again,

The Loser

I Live for the Applause

I loved to dance when I was younger…not the lets-basically-have-sex-on-dance-floor type of dancing, to each their own, but hip hop and lyrical and choreographed dancing. Now, I’m certainly no [insert famous dancer’s name here] but I know a good thing when I have it. After a good few years of not dancing due to “lack of money” and other silly excuses, I woke up and decided I was going to YouTube that shit…and so I did.

As of this very moment in time, I am 15 seconds of a dance well learned into Lady Gaga’s Applause. Oh, exercise endorphins and doing what you love, where have you been all my life. So I thought, if I’m having such a gosh darn ball all by myself doing this, I bet it would be even more fun to learn these dances for a greater purpose. Firstly for myself, because I love to dance, but secondly, to then re-teach the dances to kids with a love for dancing who can’t conveniently find a time to make it happen.

I was thinking, what if I went to various High Schools, Middle Schools, Elementary schools and created/added to an after school program to teach kids various dances…but not for those outlandish prices schools charge. Taking dance to the masses and make exercise more fun…plus hello…dance totally relieves stress.

Anyhow, just something to think aboutt

Commute Musings

My drive to work is a long one…around 45 miles…around an hour and a half. Have I said, “Welcome to LA”?

Anyhow, I’m not here to rant and rave about traffic, just to talk about what I was thinking about in traffic…which is…this blog…and how it basically doesn’t exist because I am lazy and never want to do anything but watch TV. So I decided, on the days where I’m lazy and feel like I have nothing to write about, I’m just going to make myself write, “Hi, I’m Sarah and today I’m lazy”

But then, in this very moment of feeling my laziness and wanting to own it, I suddenly feel an urge to do a little more…this is as I’m writing. Right now…the voices…they tell me to keep writing. I’m definitely leaning more towards I’m telling myself to but that’s neither here nor there.

Ok, now I’m uninspired and concerned this blog will become a daily conversation with myself, forcing myself to write and then potentially going on like this for a minute or two before realizing I’ve spent a great deal of time…a few minutes at least…doing a whole lot of nothing…and a little bit of typing.

Perhaps it’s best if I leave this here for today.

The First Post is the Hardest

…baby I know, the first post is the hardest
but when it comes to writing well, I rock
when it comes to musical puns I suck

And now that that’s over with…I’m Sarah

Why Loser Girl Wins you ask? *cricket…cricket*

Because, I didn’t have the best of childhoods. My family rocks the socks off of most but there’s nothing your mommy can do when kids are mean at school. All will be divulged as this blog continues and grows but I wanted to create a space where people, possibly dealing with the same stuff now, can know that it gets better. I am who I am now, a quirky, enchanted disaster of a fabulous mess (may not sound pretty but I’m digging it) because I had to learn from a super duper young age that people WON’T accept you for who you are sometimes and that’s ok. The only person who needs to accept you is you. That sounds a littler loner-central but once you can be you, stand tall and proud because you love who you are, that confidence shines through and people will slowly stop to mess with you. Maybe, they’ll even think you’re a cool person…but it won’t matter. I’m not totally there yet but I’m working on it.

I take my risks through fashion. That’s what a lot of this blog will be: my personal style, random stories, some super lame nail art and maybe some cooking and gardening if I’m feeling it. But this is me. I’d say I hope you like it (I do hope you like it) but I’m going to pretend to be confidant enough to say that even if you don’t, I don’t care (I so do care).

Back for more later


The Loser