Stay Rad, Abbot Kinney

You know those days that go wrong for all the right reasons? From getting to Sony Studios just in time to find out we’re too late to see The Queen Latifah Show taping, to eating salad with hair and burnt “blackened” lettuce at Primitivo (find my swimming review here), to finding out they don’t sell my juice at Intelligentsia Coffee anymore….to discovering a little Pop-Up Danish art shop called Hurra!, to drooling over my favorite velvet pieces at Flannel, to spending an amazing day walking down Abbot Kinney with my mom, to a gorgeous ride home through PCH. Yeah, it was one of those amazing kind of days.

Grilled Shrimp Salad at Primitivo: Delicious if you decide to take the shrimp and throw them back onto the charred grill where they came from.
Primitivo Caesar with grilled shrimp: Don’t let this delicious looking salad deceive you, it tastes like soggy, burnt lettuce, with a hint of watery caesar dressing. The croutons were the best part.
intelligentsia coffee
Intelligentsia Coffee: I came for the juice, but stayed for the heart in the cappuccino. I’m not a coffee drinker but my mom said this puppy kicked Starbucks’ butt on their best coffee making day.

my sweater

And now for the main attraction, my Stay Rad sweater from Urban Outfitters. I got this baby on Black Friday and it’s my pride and joy. Paired with a simple burnt orange tulle dress (similar), cheetah Unif spiked platforms and my favorite burgundy leather backpack from Florence, Italy (similar), this is one of my new favorite relaxed outfits…and my mom thinks I look like a polished hobo. 
Stay rad sweater
Stay Rad sweater

Recipe: Walkers Cookie Apple Crumble

If there’s one thing I like to experiment with, it’s food and Thanksgiving is no different.  Every year, I go a little cray on your average apple pie.  My dad sticks to tradition in case I mess up (my pies are normally the most scrumptious in the house) and I go for raspberries in the crust or chocolate chips lining the bottom…or use Walkers shortbread cookies to make the best apple pie crumble…pretty much ever.

Walkers Shortbread apple pie crumble

What you Need:

  • Just buy a tin of Walkers Shortbread Cookies…what you don’t use, you’ll eat
  • 1 stick of butter
  • 5 cups of apples (around 6 apples)
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 2 tbs flour
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tsp cinnamon for apples and 2tsp for crumble
  • 1/8 tsp nutmeg
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • cold water

Pre-heat the oven to 425 F

Sliced apples for apple pie

Make the bottom layer crust:

  • If you have a good food processor (thank you splurging parents) your life will be a million times easier.
  • Crunch up enough Walkers to make 2 cups of powdered shortbread (it should look like flour). This is around 2 and a half sleeves of cookies
  • Cut up the butter into little cubes and slowly add them to the powdered shortbread while your food processor is on dough. If you don’t have that option, much it up with your hands pre-food-processor style
  • Pour in a splash of cold water to help the dough round out
  • You should have a buttery, delicious glob of shortbread.
  • Line the bottom of your pie pan with this (buttering your pan SOO not necessary)

Walkers shortbread cookie pie crust

Make the delicious apple pie center

  • Get your 6 apples together and peal and slice them.
  • Make your cinnamon sugar mix of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Pour our dry mix over the sliced apples and use your hands to mix it all together (there should be no “dry” dry mix by the time you’re done).
  • Pour your apple mix into the pie pan.

Apple Pie apple mix

Make the top layer crumble

  • Back to the food processor!!
  • Crunch up around another 2 sleeves of Walkers cookies
  • Add cinnamon and brown sugar and keep that processor processing.
  • Add more cinnamon and brown sugar until you sniff your crumble and you feel nothing but happiness and see nothing but rainbows.
  • Slowly pour your crumble over the apple pie, making sure to cover all of the apples.

crumble mix

Apple pie with crumble

Pop it in the oven for 40 minutes (until the crumble looks crisp and the bottom crust is browned).

Eat that sucker

The Chosen Ones: HeartIFB

I seriously HeartIFB… because they gave me the gift of being on this week’s Links a la Mode Weekly Roundup by featuring my A Sweatshirt Worth A Thousand Words post. Let’s be real, that’s exciting, because I love reading…and discovering new things…and fashion…of which Links a la Mode combines all three. So, of course I read all 20 of the blog posts, and although I loved all of them, if you only had time to read five, I’d start with these:

Tasseled Shorts Five Ways by Wings for Liberty / DIY Fabric Hearts by KJ / The Lowdown on Boyfriend Jeans by Racheeng / Royal Fashionistas by The Undercover Princes / Rose Gold Hair Trend by Style Vanity


Glamourous Giving

This year feels especially glamourous, not sure why, it’s just a feeling. And believe me, it’s strange because my personal life is considerably less glamourous on paper, so what’s up with that? Is it the glitter? The sparking lights? The beautiful holiday style? Well, if you take a look at this week’s roundup, we have all kinds of resources for glamming it up this holiday season. From getting a man’s advice on gift giving, to looking sizzling hot at the holiday party. We’ve even got a close look at a real princess. I feel glamourous already!

Links à la Mode: December 5th

SPONSOR: East Dane, DV Sandals, Ferragamo Bags, Gant Rugger, Minkoff Flats, Rivieras, JPG, H by Hudson, Miansai, Demylee, Varvatos

Neutral Neverland

Thanksgiving always calls for a cute outfit that won’t make the relatives questions your “wholesomeness”…and then of course being all too cliche, fall must call for fall colors. So here we are, happily trapped in a cozy Free People, Fiorentini and Baker dream somewhere between light brown and cheeky pink.

free people neutrals outfit

vintage perfume bottle necklace

Fiorentini and baker boots

fiorentini and baker boots

baby pinecones and arm candy

Free People Sweater Similar $118 / Free People Slip Similar $98 / Free People Socks Similar $24 / Vintage Perfume Bottle Necklace (not similar but so cute $4.80) / Fiorentini and Baker Boots $585 [REMINDER: I NEVER PAY FULL PRICE…THERE’S NOTHING LIKE THE SATISFACTION OF GETTING SOMETHING ON SALE]

Lazy Sunday (Saturday) and Guacamole

There’s nothing better than a lazy Sunday…especially when it’s on a lazy Saturday. I’ve done the Thanksgiving thing…I’ve done the Black Friday thing…and now I’m full and exhausted (and have all these new pretty things) and just want to lounge around in my Black Friday spoils sweatshirt. Oh, and make guacamole.

Ain't Got Nomani Sweatshirt

Well first off, this is my glorious sweatshirt. I played Black Friday the cool way this year. Urban Outfitters opened at midnight, and although I initially regretted it, I didn’t pop into the store until the nearly sunset hours of 8am, only to find I missed out on the crowds but not the amazing steals.

First of all, I got this sweatshirt, of which I’ve been living in for a longer period of time then I would care to admit…but there’s something about the mix of insane coziness and high fashion punny spunk that makes me never want to take it off.

As if my Saturday couldn’t get better, it seemed like the right kind of day to pop open some avocados and make fresh guacamole. With my mushing spoon at the ready, I showed three avocados, a quarter of an onion, a pepper and some garlic salt who was boss…and then I ate every last bit of it.

home made guacamole recipe

It’s things like fresh guacamole that make you have just a little more respect for the simple things in your kitchen, like a 45 second microwave quesadilla.

…and then I painted my nails! (Julep Nail Colors : Angelina / Reiko / Esmerelda )

Julep Holiday Colors

Saturday well spent.

A Sweatshirt Worth a Thousand Words

Take a cue from fashion blogger, Rumi Neely. A pair of cute shorts, a sweatshirt and heels (or flats for the normal girl) is perfect outing attire.

Gone are the days when sweatshirt was synonymous with lazy oaf…unless lazy oaf is emblazoned on your sweatshirt…in which case, that’s on you. From classic to classy and everything in between, the sweatshirt has made it’s rounds into fashion. Now that we have it, we’re so not letting it go. So, an ode to the many which ways to rock a sweatshirt like you’re on the runway.

Take after Rumi with a Statement Hoodie:
Forever 21 Street Chic Lovely Sweatshirt $19.80  / Urban Outfitters Alternative Hoodie Pullover Sweatshirt $54 / Forever 21 Street Style Ernie Hoodie $22.80  / Forever 21+ Conversation-Starting Brat Hoodie $22.80

Classic Converse Girl

Blair Aedie, of the Atlantic-Pacific fashion blog, shows that simple boyfriend jeans and a pair of converse are all she needs to make her sweatshirt work.
Blair Aedie, of the Atlantic-Pacific fashion blog, shows that simple boyfriend jeans and a pair of converse are all she needs to make her sweatshirt work.

As with every look, there’s always the classic. Before the high-low boyfriend jeans and pumps marriage, came the authentically, baggy jeans with your favorite pair of ratty all stars affair. Well, the boyfriend jeans gussy the look up a bit, and with a fitted sweatshirt …and perhaps a statement necklace to wow, you’re set for a classic cool look.

Find similar sweatshirts to get the classic look: Forever 21+ Ombre Cutout Sweatshirt $22.80 / Adidas Art Crew Sweatshirt $65 / Forever 21 Amazing Spiderman Sweatshirt $22.80 / Asos Acid Wash Sweatshirt with Eyelets $62.29

Bootie Bad Girl

Take after Caroline Engman, FashionSquad fashion blogger, for this look. Her booties create the ultimate careless vibe.
Take after Caroline Engman, FashionSquad fashion blogger, for this look. Her booties create the ultimate careless vibe.

Even straight A students need a few minutes on the dark side every once in a while…and in this case, the dark side means a little leather (vegan or not) paired with some dark booties. Skinny jeans and a fitted sweatshirt will make for a comfy look that paired with the stink eye will give just the right amount of “back off” to any passersby.

Find your perfect bad girl sweatshirt: Asos Cropped Sweatshirt with Embroidered Eye $49.83 / Forever 21+ Rockin’ Faux Leather Trim Sweatshirt $19.80 / Urban Outfitters Parental Advisory Pullover Sweatshirt $44  / Forever 21 Cattitude Sweatshirt $19.80

Classy Sporty Girl

Karla, of Karla's Closet fashion blog, has got the classy sporty look down. Remember to add an extra glam factor, like rings or earrings to make the look pop.
Karla, of Karla’s Closet fashion blog, has got the classy sporty look down. Remember to add an extra glam factor, like rings or earrings to make the look pop.

It’s about time someone introduced sweatshirts into evening and work attire. Pair your favorite knee length pencil skirt with your coziest, baggy crop sweatshirt for the perfect mix of fitted and slouchy. If you don’t have any cropped sweatshirts, a quick snip off the bottom of one of your favorite sweatshirts won’t do much harm if you’re committed to making it your crop go-to. Going to a business lunch? Impress in heels. But, for a slightly more casual date, break out your classiest pair of tennis shoes (didn’t you hear those are back too?) to really sport up the look.

Find your go-to crop sweatshirt: Asos Sweatshirt in Foil $24.03  / MissKL The Atmosphere Crewneck in White $40  / Forever 21 No Fuss Cropped Sweatshirt $19.80

Lazy Girly Girl

Aimee, fashion blogger for Song of Style, can make anything work with a skater skirt, this sweatshirt being no exception. Don't fret about finding the right statement sweatshirt. Sometimes all you need is a plain one as a backdrop for a statement necklace.
Aimee, fashion blogger for Song of Style, can make anything work with a skater skirt, this sweatshirt being no exception. Don’t fret about finding the right statement sweatshirt. Sometimes all you need is a plain one as a backdrop for a statement necklace.

Girly girls need a day off from dressing to the nines just like the rest of us. They seem to have found their relaxation outlet in the embellished and quirky isle, but paired with a skater skirt and heels, couldn’t be more polished. For the true day-off girly girl, a pair of matching Tom’s should do the trick to give your heel tortured feet a break.

Get inspired with a few of these great sweatshirts: Topshop Leather Sweater $180  / Asos Sweatshirt with Fries Before Guys $62.29  / Forever 21+ Street-Chic Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt $24.80  / Forever 21 Studded Raglan Sweatshirt $22.80

Much Ado About Nothing…and College

Is anyone else getting de ja vu from reading these posts…just me? I’m the only one here? Ok! Post after post seems to rattle on about how I have nothing to say. Essentially giving that play Much Ado About Nothing a whole new, perhaps deeper meaning.

Should I talk about what I know? Do I know that much? Who knows? Not me, that’s who. I’m having a smidgen of an existential crisis right now. You know the ones…the ones where you just don’t quite know who you are, where you’re doing, what you should be doing, etc etc. Feeling a little stuck at the moment.

But, hold the phone, there’s something I’m pretty passionate about right now and it’s college…not what you think…I’m not going back (but did you ever know I went?). I’m actually rather irate about college…and high school…and the cruel competition the two have obviously banded together to conspire about in regards to these take-no-prisoners-high-school-4.6-GP-monsters High Schools are pooping out…and the colleges are happily eating up at an alarming rate. Sooooooo…we’re teaching the youth (lol I still look like the youth) that it’s more important to compete against everyone, work hard, play none, contract diabetes and obesity, and get into mother fricken Yale than it is to make friends, play outside, have spare time to learn what you love, find your passions and all of that other amazing stuff. Yupp, I can totally see where the school system is coming from. Fabulous trade off.

Till we meet again,

The Loser

I Live for the Applause

I loved to dance when I was younger…not the lets-basically-have-sex-on-dance-floor type of dancing, to each their own, but hip hop and lyrical and choreographed dancing. Now, I’m certainly no [insert famous dancer’s name here] but I know a good thing when I have it. After a good few years of not dancing due to “lack of money” and other silly excuses, I woke up and decided I was going to YouTube that shit…and so I did.

As of this very moment in time, I am 15 seconds of a dance well learned into Lady Gaga’s Applause. Oh, exercise endorphins and doing what you love, where have you been all my life. So I thought, if I’m having such a gosh darn ball all by myself doing this, I bet it would be even more fun to learn these dances for a greater purpose. Firstly for myself, because I love to dance, but secondly, to then re-teach the dances to kids with a love for dancing who can’t conveniently find a time to make it happen.

I was thinking, what if I went to various High Schools, Middle Schools, Elementary schools and created/added to an after school program to teach kids various dances…but not for those outlandish prices schools charge. Taking dance to the masses and make exercise more fun…plus hello…dance totally relieves stress.

Anyhow, just something to think aboutt

Commute Musings

My drive to work is a long one…around 45 miles…around an hour and a half. Have I said, “Welcome to LA”?

Anyhow, I’m not here to rant and rave about traffic, just to talk about what I was thinking about in traffic…which is…this blog…and how it basically doesn’t exist because I am lazy and never want to do anything but watch TV. So I decided, on the days where I’m lazy and feel like I have nothing to write about, I’m just going to make myself write, “Hi, I’m Sarah and today I’m lazy”

But then, in this very moment of feeling my laziness and wanting to own it, I suddenly feel an urge to do a little more…this is as I’m writing. Right now…the voices…they tell me to keep writing. I’m definitely leaning more towards I’m telling myself to but that’s neither here nor there.

Ok, now I’m uninspired and concerned this blog will become a daily conversation with myself, forcing myself to write and then potentially going on like this for a minute or two before realizing I’ve spent a great deal of time…a few minutes at least…doing a whole lot of nothing…and a little bit of typing.

Perhaps it’s best if I leave this here for today.