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Brandy Melville Sample Sale Hopes, Dreams and Tips

It’s true. The Brandy Melville sale of bank account destruction is coming back this Saturday (3.8.14)  from 10AM – 5PM and everything is $5, $10 or $15 CASH ONLY per usual. The only difference between this sale and all the other sales, is I’ll be at this one.

These are the pieces I’ll be forced to buy if they’re at the sale.

Brandy Melville Sample Sale picks

And now for a few tips based on hearsay, diligent research and my countless years of sample sale experience.

  1. In this magical case, CASH ONLY is an awesome thing. Decide what your budget is ahead of time and only bring that much cash (+ $10 just in case) so you won’t over spend.
  2. If you want to get in at 10AM, don’t get there at 10AM. People start lining up at like 6AM. It’s called commitment.
  3. Have your eyes on the prize. Check out their website and find out what pieces your lusting after so you know exactly what to look for once you’re in the sale.
  4. Don’t forget to bring a water and something to eat, because waiting in lines can be boring and when I’m bored, sometimes I eat.

And now, for a more elaborate explanation as to why I need all of the pieces I picked out. And by elaborate, I mean short and sweet.

Brandy Melville Shorts and pants Aarika Pants  Bruna Shorts  Vodi Shorts

Brandy Melville Beanie and Sweater Erica I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Sweater   Gypsy Embroidery Beanie  Made in the 90's Embroidery Beanie

brandy melville graphic shirts  Ayn Rand Tank Angie Stay Weird Top Nadine Ban The Bra Top

Aeryn New York 32 Top brandy melville

See you on Saturday: 664 S.Santa Fe Ave Los Angeles, CA 90291