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Brandy Melville Sample Sale Hopes, Dreams and Tips

It’s true. The Brandy Melville sale of bank account destruction is coming back this Saturday (3.8.14)  from 10AM – 5PM and everything is $5, $10 or $15 CASH ONLY per usual. The only difference between this sale and all the other sales, is I’ll be at this one.

These are the pieces I’ll be forced to buy if they’re at the sale.

Brandy Melville Sample Sale picks

And now for a few tips based on hearsay, diligent research and my countless years of sample sale experience.

  1. In this magical case, CASH ONLY is an awesome thing. Decide what your budget is ahead of time and only bring that much cash (+ $10 just in case) so you won’t over spend.
  2. If you want to get in at 10AM, don’t get there at 10AM. People start lining up at like 6AM. It’s called commitment.
  3. Have your eyes on the prize. Check out their website and find out what pieces your lusting after so you know exactly what to look for once you’re in the sale.
  4. Don’t forget to bring a water and something to eat, because waiting in lines can be boring and when I’m bored, sometimes I eat.

And now, for a more elaborate explanation as to why I need all of the pieces I picked out. And by elaborate, I mean short and sweet.

Brandy Melville Shorts and pants Aarika Pants  Bruna Shorts  Vodi Shorts

Brandy Melville Beanie and Sweater Erica I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Sweater   Gypsy Embroidery Beanie  Made in the 90's Embroidery Beanie

brandy melville graphic shirts  Ayn Rand Tank Angie Stay Weird Top Nadine Ban The Bra Top

Aeryn New York 32 Top brandy melville

See you on Saturday: 664 S.Santa Fe Ave Los Angeles, CA 90291

A Funny Story About a Conde Nast Elevator

incompetence devil wears prada gif miranda

In case you’re as daft as me, @CondeElevator was an utterly brilliant use of twitter to create a cross between Gossip Girl and The Devil Wears Prada that reached a popularity of just under 76K followers in a span of 5 days…in 2011. AND the anonymous author (now known as Lauren Bans) only just came out about it last night (20 hours ago) after drunkenly reading about the Goldman Sachs Elevator Twitter guy (who isn’t really that important, nor as funny).

The very tweet!

Since we’re all coming out now http://t.co/qaCNPkTv1z : I was @CondeElevator !— Lauren Bans (@LaurenBans) February 25, 2014

And since this was the first I had heard of these fashion elevator shenanigans, I had to do more research…and read all of the tweets. And then, because I didn’t want you to have to read ALL of them, nor did I want you to miss out on the golden nuggets that were some of these tweets, I pulled out the best, just for you.  Of course, I included the very first and very last tweet for continuity.

I genuinely hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past (2011) as much as I did. (GQ Interview)thats all devil wears prada miranda

Winter Trends (Applied to LA Temps) from WWDMagic Bloggers

WWDMagic is truly a magical place where the fashion elite (ie our favorite brands and bloggers) come together for three solid days of fashion predictions and a few good celeb spottings. When the bloggers of WWDMagic weren’t learning about new brands or frolicking around the Las Vegas Convention Center, they were off picking out some of their favorite pieces, perfect for winter. If you aren’t already, here are the trends you should be sporting for the last month of winter before flowers start to bloom and we figure out how to make these looks work for spring.

winter white winter 2014 trend wwdmagic las vegas

Yes, we know winter white is a little cliche but it’s too classic to ever skip over. The bloggers of A Vintage Splendor, The Clueless Girl’s Guide and The Brunette One showed off their favorite finds from the show. From heavy white coats to going all white in a two piece skirt and top to channeling Peter Pan with a little collar to break things up, these bloggers had all of their white and cream bases covered. It may be a little too hot in LA to pull off these big coats, but we know how to stay classy, even in high temps. Snag some classy white looks below.

statement coats wwd magic february 2014

If there’s one thing the bloggers of The Brunette One, Sabrina Says and Fashionablee Me agreed on, it was that statement coats are a thing of the now. From strong color blocking to fur to mixed textures and patterns, these coats had nothing in common but their fabulosity. We found a few coats that will take any outfit to the next level.

pastel perfected wwdmagic february 2014 blogger winter trend picks

Pastel everything was a trend that stood out both in the blogger’s aesthetics as well as on the convention center fashionista’s radar. We loved the amazing pastel coats but are ready to carry it over to sweaters, shorts and dresses because it hasn’t dropped below 65 degrees in the past two weeks. Check out some of our favorite finds, all under $100.

Winter Trends (Applied to LA Temps) from WWDMagic Bloggers first appeared on 365HANGERS

Magic Las Vegas 2014 Street Style Trends

My lucky butt got to go to Magic, the loveliest of fashion conventions, in Las Vegas for 2 and a half delightful days of fashion gawking, light drinking and heavy fun. There’s one major benefit to swimming in a convention center with thousands of other (slightly) like-minded (sometimes) fashionable people…I like to call it (fash)inspiration.

Flower Power Magic Las Vegas street style 2014 floral print hippie

I am nothing if not a self proclaimed hippie so I can’t help but admire when others take their flower power style to the next level. I’m not one to wear a floral maxi dress but I can admire it for hours…and as for floral hippie sweater things…I can wear them all damn day. Spotting a few cute headpieces was icing on the proverbial cake. (you can find that floral headband here)

Top Left Floral Maxi Dress on @nickif24 // Bottom Left Gold Headpiece on @ohtobeamuse


pastel pops of color Magic Las Vegas street style 2014

Pastel for spring may be a bit cliche but it never gets old…and also, it may feel like spring, but this is actually pastels for winter. Either way, with all the bold colors saturating December/January, it’s nice to cleanse with some pastel. A camel coat almost always multiplies an outfit’s chicness by a minimum of 10.

Top Left Camel Coat on @ohtobeamuse //  Bottom Left and Bottom Right Pastel Coats on @sabrinasaysblog  //

cool outfits Magic Las Vegas street style 2014 velvet romper mustache

Velvet rompers have been catching my attention recently and after imagining its versatility with Andie, it’s maintaining its spot at the top of my shopping list.  If you want to buy the one she’s wearing (like I just did) it’s here and it’s on sale! The rest of these lovely people get cool points for their own respective reasons.

Top Left Velvet Romper on @andieaton  // Top Right Image left (@liveinheels) center (@mrs_six) right (@swaychic) //  Center Fabulous Mustache on @eedumas

The Details Magic Las Vegas street style 2014 accessories statement glasses

There really is nothing better than taking in the details. From periwinkle nails and a pug ring to statement glasses, beaded shoes, a “fuck the rest” pin and…everything else, my eyes were not disappointed.

Top Left Jewelry on @ohtobeamuse  //  Middle Left Glasses on @andieaton  //  Bottom Left Ring on @esmirnatapia  //  Top Right Shoes from @theclop  //  Middle Right Rings on @liveinheels  //  Bottom Right Pins on @mrs_six

All Images Snapped by ME

Nearly Almost Famous

I’m obsessed with Almost Famous any day of the week, but especially on the days when I wear my Almost Famous shirt, named as such for it’s perfectly cropped length and artistic rip off of the Almost Famous movie poster.

Almost Famous crop top shirt

Almost Famous Inspiration Collage stye fashion penny lane

Beyond my daily addiction to dreaming of the fame promised to me by Andy Warhol, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes,” I’ve become infatuated with those floating jumps people have been pulling off forever. I’ve yet to reach such grace and flow, and therefore find myself fixated on this jumping wizardry.

Jump Inspiration fashion audrey hepburn high fashion editorial

Below? My sorry attempt at looking statuesque, paired with my mom’s inability to focus with the ease of a seasoned fashion photographer.

jump fashion picture almost famous free people flare pants

jump fashion side profile bracelets arm candy

It would simply be ridiculous to wear an Almost Famous inspired shirt and not go all the way with my look so major flare pants (in burgundy corduroy, might I add) were basically necessary. My lace Jeffrey Campbell platforms, crystal necklace and convenient array of bracelets consistently adorning my wrists left me a happy camper with this, dare I say, hippie look. And, in case you were previously unaware, I have amazing hair. Now you know.

almost famous crop top shirt free people flare pants jeffrey campbell lace lita red hair

Wearing: Almost Famous crop top (old) (similar, I would cut it) (and a few more quarter sleeve crop tops ONE. TWO. THREE.) // Free People Cord Super Flare  //  Jeffrey Campbell Ivory Crochet Lita  //  Raw Crystal Necklace (bought from a little shop by a beach somewhere…but here are some others that I love ONE. TWO. THREE. FOUR.)

Let’s be real, it’s not really an impromptu family photoshoot until your little sister comes running in, trying to outshine your mediocre poses…and tackle you to the ground.

jumping fashion gif

running funny fashion gif

Miley Cyrus: The Lost Spice Girl

While the rest of my the universe (and I don’t feel like I’m over exaggerating here) is bagging on Miley Cyrus for being a whore, a bad influence, a gross human being, a terrible person, blah blah blah, I can’t help but love her for her style choices, her I-don’t-give-a-crap-attitude, her smarts, her voice, the list goes on.

But beyond my love for…basically just her as a human being, I can’t help but notice her consistent throw back to the land of fur coats, crop tops, silly pig tails and platform shoes. Synonymously known as Spiceworld, the Spice Girls roamed free here in a land of similar fashion choices.

Per usual, Miley went for outlandishly expected at the Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Gala Saturday night. Ittie bittie white dress/night gown…check. Huge fur coat for warmth…check. Platform heels just because…check.  Fashionably stealing my heart…cha-ching.

Miley Cyrus at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammys Gala 2014 red carpet fashion

Miley Cyrus at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammys Gala 2014 earrings detail

From just the right amount of jewelry adorning each ear all the way down to those cream platforms, I’m inspired to turn this into an all the time look, despite incredulous looks to follow. What can I say, love has no bounds.

nudely almost famous

// dress, $22.80 // coat, $34.95 // shoes, $69.99 //


french frie pimptress

// dress, $78 // coat, $179.99 // shoes, $39.95 //


black sheep

// overalls, $27.80 // coat, $55 // ear-cuff, $3.80 // shoes, $70 //

I’ll just finish this up with a little recap of Miley’s past furry looks and some 90’spiration compliments of the Spice Girls and Almost Famous.


spice girls

penny lane

People’s Choice Awards Fashion

Like the rest of the United States, I watched the People’s Choice Awards two nights ago. I oggled the red carpet fashion and laughed at every joke spewing from Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs’ mouths.  But per usual, when it came time to find my favorite looks the next day, googling “People’s Choice Award 2014 fashion” didn’t cut it. Kaley Cuoco, Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Hudson cluttered the page without a single Sara Bareilles or Bailee Madison in sight. Saddened, I made the treck to Getty Images, knowing my work would be cut out for me.  800 images later, I came out the other end, knowing for sure I had chosen the true best dressed of the night.

And so, in my humblest of unhumble opinons, I bring you the best dressed of The People’s Choice Awards 2014. You’re Welcome.

Neutral Neverland

Thanksgiving always calls for a cute outfit that won’t make the relatives questions your “wholesomeness”…and then of course being all too cliche, fall must call for fall colors. So here we are, happily trapped in a cozy Free People, Fiorentini and Baker dream somewhere between light brown and cheeky pink.

free people neutrals outfit

vintage perfume bottle necklace

Fiorentini and baker boots

fiorentini and baker boots

baby pinecones and arm candy

Free People Sweater Similar $118 / Free People Slip Similar $98 / Free People Socks Similar $24 / Vintage Perfume Bottle Necklace (not similar but so cute $4.80) / Fiorentini and Baker Boots $585 [REMINDER: I NEVER PAY FULL PRICE…THERE’S NOTHING LIKE THE SATISFACTION OF GETTING SOMETHING ON SALE]

The First Post is the Hardest

…baby I know, the first post is the hardest
but when it comes to writing well, I rock
when it comes to musical puns I suck

And now that that’s over with…I’m Sarah

Why Loser Girl Wins you ask? *cricket…cricket*

Because, I didn’t have the best of childhoods. My family rocks the socks off of most but there’s nothing your mommy can do when kids are mean at school. All will be divulged as this blog continues and grows but I wanted to create a space where people, possibly dealing with the same stuff now, can know that it gets better. I am who I am now, a quirky, enchanted disaster of a fabulous mess (may not sound pretty but I’m digging it) because I had to learn from a super duper young age that people WON’T accept you for who you are sometimes and that’s ok. The only person who needs to accept you is you. That sounds a littler loner-central but once you can be you, stand tall and proud because you love who you are, that confidence shines through and people will slowly stop to mess with you. Maybe, they’ll even think you’re a cool person…but it won’t matter. I’m not totally there yet but I’m working on it.

I take my risks through fashion. That’s what a lot of this blog will be: my personal style, random stories, some super lame nail art and maybe some cooking and gardening if I’m feeling it. But this is me. I’d say I hope you like it (I do hope you like it) but I’m going to pretend to be confidant enough to say that even if you don’t, I don’t care (I so do care).

Back for more later


The Loser