The First Post is the Hardest

…baby I know, the first post is the hardest
but when it comes to writing well, I rock
when it comes to musical puns I suck

And now that that’s over with…I’m Sarah

Why Loser Girl Wins you ask? *cricket…cricket*

Because, I didn’t have the best of childhoods. My family rocks the socks off of most but there’s nothing your mommy can do when kids are mean at school. All will be divulged as this blog continues and grows but I wanted to create a space where people, possibly dealing with the same stuff now, can know that it gets better. I am who I am now, a quirky, enchanted disaster of a fabulous mess (may not sound pretty but I’m digging it) because I had to learn from a super duper young age that people WON’T accept you for who you are sometimes and that’s ok. The only person who needs to accept you is you. That sounds a littler loner-central but once you can be you, stand tall and proud because you love who you are, that confidence shines through and people will slowly stop to mess with you. Maybe, they’ll even think you’re a cool person…but it won’t matter. I’m not totally there yet but I’m working on it.

I take my risks through fashion. That’s what a lot of this blog will be: my personal style, random stories, some super lame nail art and maybe some cooking and gardening if I’m feeling it. But this is me. I’d say I hope you like it (I do hope you like it) but I’m going to pretend to be confidant enough to say that even if you don’t, I don’t care (I so do care).

Back for more later


The Loser

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